Barcelona is a busting city, with great architecture, great transport links, food, beach and culture…outstanding!



You could spend a weekend just visiting all of Gaudi’s masterpieces, but even if it is not your main focus, it is easy to catch his work while walking around to your other destinations. I was able to see a good number during my basic touristing walking tours. Great ones like La Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Casa Batllo, Casa Calvet are geographically close by and easy to catch in one shot.

Gothic Quarter

This is the centre of the old city and full of quant shops, little alleyways and a very popular tourist spot. In the daytime you can browse shops and appreciate the architecture, and at night it comes alive for fiesta time.

The Beach!

If you are there in the summer, you can’t miss a chance to hang out in the sand and even go in for a dip. There are vendors who come by with beer and cocktails (probably stick to the bottled beer if you don’t feel like getting ripped off and/or sick) and the strip is full of restuarants and bars if you get hungry. If you are feeling saucy you can also go topless and feel the breeze.



Can Paixano (La Xampanyeria)


This is a typical spot that can at first feel intimidating and overwhelming. Standing room only and seemingly with out order, you must push your way to the front and yell for your order of cured meats and endless cava. Once you get the hang of it, you can appreciate the buzz of the mix of locals and understated tourists in this authentically Spanish establishment.

El Moll del Rebaix

This local hole in the wall is only steps from the beach, but is miles away from the tourist trap vibe of the coast. We stumbled upon this small place, looking for cava and we ended up drinking the place dry of cava, meeting some new local friends and enjoying the unpretentious atmosphere. This place is a diamond in the rough.



In May 2016, I was lucky enough to roll up to Arena, the discoteca gay y para sus amigos, during its 20th Anniversary Extravaganza. It was drag queens in the bathrooms, buff naked boy waiter heaven. Everyone was in the best spirits, so we danced away in this huge club to all the pop hits we could desire.

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