Manchester has always been an important place for me to visit. The home of Coronation Street, the hottest parties of the 90s, some of the best music and bands of our time, and one of my favourite accents, it was important place for me to see during my time in England. All this, and just a short train ride away!


Holiday Inn Express Manchester City Centre Arena

Holiday Inn Express is usually a sure bet, and this location in the Northern Quarter was in a new build and within walking distance of everything we needed, and on the doorstep of a good number of  bars and restaurants. Also has a great free breakfast.



Coronation Street Tour

Everything in Manchester seems painfully close to each other, especially coming from London. The first thing that was booked in advance was the Corrie Street tour, and it was during it’s final week of running. Unfortunately this studio has now closed and I feel privileged to have had a chance to go on set of a show I watched for so many years of my life.

John Rylands Library

This neo-gothic building is a sight! It is so grand from its huge exterior, to the tiniest interior details. It is the most opulent library I have ever been in, and I truly felt like I was in a movie. It was Harry Potter to the max.

Random Bands

I  think the thing about Manchester is that is a good place to wander around, have some food, have a drink, relax and wander some more. On one of these wanderings we stumbled upon a band playing a free concert in an outdoor parking lot. They were also very good and I found out they are a band from Brighton from Kudu Blue. Manchester is that kind of hub for untapped talent and you never know who the next big thing will be.



Yard & Coop

Trendy friend chicken is so trendy right now, and in August 2015, this place seemed on the pulse. Located near our hotel, on a strip of similarly trendy places, it had a great buzz and atmosphere, great cocktails and nice service.

Federal Café Bar

This is a popular brunch spot, there was a small line up to get in, but that only made it more intriguing. It had all the organic type brunch fare and hip atmosphere that made it feel like home.


This is where girls with lots of makeup and big boobs come out on dates with guys who have fake tan, big muscles and tight shirts. It was great for people watching. It also offers you every cut of meat, brought to your table, so beware, my husband ate his weight in meat and it pretty much ruined the chance of doing anything after dinner #meatsweats


The Northern Quarter

This is a great little area, with a multitude of bars and restaurants for eating and bar hopping.  A couple we tried were CommonHome Sweet Home and Terrace NQ.








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