What I Wore : Week of 30th May, 2016

If someone had to ask me what my favourite outfit was, I would have probably said “I’m not sure, depends on the day” – but the real answer has to be this denim shirt I bought at Beyond Retro. I wear it again, and again and again. Every single week. Go back and look at every week and the constant is this denim shirt. I think I should name it, I think it should take on a character, an extension of my being, because it is. For some reason it is the one I go to, week after week, no matter the season. Dear Denim shirt, I guess in the end I was in love with you the whole time.


Denim Shirt – Vintage – Beyond Retro
Jeans – Topshop
Brogues – Clarkes


Black Shirt – Asos
Animal Hand Threaded Jumper – Brick Lane Market
Leggings – AA
Trainers – Nike Roche


Denim Shirt – Asos
Jeans – Topshop
Trainers – Nike Roche

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