Bath is quintessentially British. With history going back to the Roman times, the baths were the main pull for me to visit, but I did encounter much more. The beautiful artchitecutre, the charming high street and the spas make this a perfect weekend getaway.


Loch Fyne Milsoms Hotel

Wanting to stay close to the city centre, we stayed at this hotel. It was perfectly lovely for the both of us, with a clean and nicely decorated room, nice staff and close to everything.



Roman Baths

This museum site takes you back to the Roman times, where you can imagine them coming through the baths, and read up on the history. If you are into your history, this is a fascinating educational experience.

Thermae Bath Spa

A relaxing and romantic getaway, this is more than your basic spa. With four levels, your exprinece starts on the rooftop pool and each floor offers different saunas, aromatherapies and pools. You come out zen and feeling great.


One of the best parts of bath was walking around and taking in the picturesque buildings and landscapes. It seemed that there was beauty at every corner, and taking your time to enjoy it is what makes this place such a great relaxing destination.


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