Copenhagen is a great place to be. It is effortlessly cool and trend setting, with the happiest looking attractive people that are the most chill.

I have been there in the winter for the Christmas Markets and delicious glogg (mulled wine) and I have also been there in the spring, when the weather wasn’t that cute, but still great vibes nevertheless.



Known as the ‘meat packing district’, Vesterbro has many spacious flats to stay in via air bnb, and it is close to restaurants, bars, amenities and other neighbourhoods. It comes from me highly recommended.


Tivoli Gardens Christmas Market

This city really lights up at Christmas, and while there are many markets during the season, apparently this one is the best. While I am not what you would call a Christmas enthusiast, drinking the glogg out of decorated ceramic mugs gets you into some kind of spirit.
Open: 19 November – 31 December


Probably one of the most photographed places in the city, this is a 17th-century waterfront canal, great for picture taking, drinking and eating. You can also find a set of trampolines, built into the ground, for whimsical, good, clean fun.

Freetown Christiania

I will be honest, this place is super weird. It was the first autonomous neighbourhood I have ever visited, where societal rules and law don’t apply. This may stir up illusions of a beautiful hippie commune utopia,  except since we are humans, it means that they have just decided to make their new rules, and the pit bull on chains holding, bandanna over face having, kitted out in army gear wearing dudes were not exactly welcoming. No photos allowed either. I found it all a bit uncomfortable to be honest, but if you are into smoking weed it could have its perks. It is worth seeing, but I won’t be going back again.


The Coffee Collective – Jaegersborggade

I was brought here by the coffee connoisseur in my life, as it the best in town. Boasting both style and substance, it is not your regular coffee shop experience. This place offers a coffee tasting menu, where you can sample a selection of coffee beans, made in three different ways. You have the chance to immerse yourself in flavours and begin to understand different beans and preparation methods.

Mother Pizza

Great pizza, great atmosphere and in a great area, Mother Pizza is perfect for dinner before a night out. There is usually a waiting list, but since it is surrounded by cute bars, it is less of a inconvenience and more of a pre-drink to an exciting night ahead.

Amass Resaurant

One of the best dining experiences of my whole life.

Food: amazingly thought out, home-grown and made with love. How do I know? The chefs who prepare each plate (all eight courses!) personally come out with the food to explain what has gone into it and the thinking behind it.

Service: Impeccable, true Danish hospitality and friendliness, it was magic.

Highlight: Each dish came with it’s own wine to complement it. I will remind you it was eight courses. Lit!


There is an obsession with hot dogs and mayo in this country, and you must oblige. I would never recommend eating anything from 7-Eleven except in Copenhagen.


Meatpacking District

As a whole, just show up here and you will be able to bar/club hop all evening. They have a mix of places with different music options. I have gone into Jolene for example, and listened to house music, then stumbled into another nameless place and had an evening of hip hop. There is a low key vibe to all of them, graffiti on the walls, no dress code, smoke everywhere (yes they smoke inside here!). Come here in your sneakers and let loose.


There is something about Nevermind that makes it one of the best nights out and one of the most fun gay bars I have found in my travels. It is probably due to the mix of Pop and Cheesy Pop that the DJ’s get so right and the crowd laps up. Maybe it is also the stripper poles. I have had nights disappear here, hours gone, dancing into the night. What a fun fun fun fun place.

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