What I Wore : Week of 29th March, 2016

I went to visit my parents the week of the 22nd of March. I hadn’t seen them in a long time, and my mom nostalgically  wanted to do my hair, like when I was a kid. I had braids for so many years of my life, and after 20 years, I was over it and hated them; they felt so restricted and plain.

When I finally took my hair out, I felt like a new personality emerged and things started to come together for me. Having my hair back in braids at first felt stifling, and regressive, but over the next few days I really embraced them. I realised it was maturity that brought me to this point in my life and not my big hair.


Coca Cola T-Shirt – Primark
Leggings – AA
Boots – Doc Marten


Jumper – Vintage, Value Village (borrowed from my husband)
Skirt – H&M
Trainers – Nike Roche


Black Turtle Neck – Asos
Skirt – Vintage – Rock It
Brogues – Clarkes


Denim Shirt – Vintage – Beyond Retro
Leggings – AA
Trainers – Nike Roche

2 Comments Add yours

  1. nina webb says:

    Great outfit!

  2. love the coca cola tee!!

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