I Remember…Overpowered


Roisin Murphy
Released : 11 October 2007

In 2008 I lived in a lovely apartment in Toronto. Perfect area, great complex, friends in the building…It was perfection, except for my roomate who I had found on Craiglist after my original roomie moved across the country. He was an ‘actor-y actor’, he was a bit older, some days his best chat was describing the heated arguments he instigated on Raptors Chat. That is a basketball online forum. So…

It was time to move on. I had a friend who lived in a house in the west end and there was a room available. I would have my own bathroom and a decent sized room. My cat could come. It was near the subway and my other friends house. Rent was cheap. Seemed perfect.

Except it wasn’t. As soon as I moved in, something did not feel right. I also realised that going to the laundromat down the road actually was the biggest inconvenience of life. There were crumbs on the counter all the time. The downstairs neighbour seemed a bit off, and I felt terrible for her adorable child. I spent so much time NOT at that house. I stayed for days at my friends house on the East end. I even did grocery shopping there. The house repulsed me.

I remember so many days coming back to the house, walking up the street from the subway, listening to Overpowered. I remember being in my room, with red drapes I bought at Winners, living in this album. I remember being dumped by a guy in that house, being mad that I hadn’t gotten there first, and this album was my constant companion.

I finally listened to my intuition and decided I had to get out of that house. I found someone new to take my room and I felt a bit guilty because I hated the place so much and didn’t really want to put someone else through it. My acting skills paid off, someone wanted it. I found a new apartment across the street from my friends on the East end. I was out.

A few months later on of my old roommates messaged me, asking if I had ‘heard the news’. I hadn’t. The friend who had encouraged me to live in that old house, who was in charge of collecting the rent and paying it to the landlord, had not paid at all. For a while. It seems I got out just in time.

The landlords came knocking and the unsuspecting other roommates were dumbfounded. My ‘friend’ was evicted, but the others could stay. He probably stole some of my money too when I had lived there. He never called me, he never explained the situation, he just avoided it and disappeared out of my life.

This album and I still hang out some days, and I remember how Roisin was there for me, reminding me always to follow my intuition.

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