Playlist 01 – UK House [workout]


Working out. Going to the gym. The eternal struggle of fist world problem mankind.

How do we lose weight? What is the one true answer? What if I do this class? What if I only eat potatoes for two weeks? Will a three day juice cleanse solve all of my problems?

There is so much noise.

I try not to fall for it. I know better, but sometimes I do anyway.

What I am learning is, that it all comes down to consistency, dedication, persistence and self acceptance. So I am working towards that daily.

One thing that really helps is having a motivating playlist for those days you need to get off of your ass and get moving without a trainer or an instructor yelling at you, giving you that shame-filled motivation that I find works wonders for me.

This list is for when it’s just you, and the open road to run on, or the cardio machines staring you back in the face.

Feel free to alternate reps with dance moves in the gym mirror.


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