I Remember…The Teenagers

The teenagers reality check

The Teenagers
Reality Check
Released : 18 March, 2008

I don’t know if over time, music is getting worse, or is my taste just getting better? Is my mind more closed to new sounds and possibilities, or do I know too much and therefore know better?

The Teenagers’ album Reality Check, is a soundtrack to a time in my life that was about new possibilities, new friends, new personal discovery and pure fun. If I came across it today, would I consider this album a joke? The album is comical, the English second language lyrics come across deadpan and apathetic and the instrumentals so simple, that they just barely make up a song. Yes, this album could be considered laughable, but instead, in 2008, when this came my way, I embraced it, I loved it, I lived it. During the height of hipster irony, I fell for it hook line and sinker.

I was listening to the new Blood Orange album, and it triggered a memory to this album and after at least seven years of not listening to it, even forgetting it existed, I re-discovered it and sang along, remembering a special time in my life.

It was a time when, within myself, there was a bottomless pit of energy, to go out, explore, become part of a scene, find an identity, feel part of ‘it’ – feel like I was even owning ‘it’. FOMO was at an all time high and there was always an event go to, to be seen, to be photographed, to revel. Listening to this again, it doesn’t just bring up memories, it brings up feelings, of a youthful discovery that I was lucky enough to come across, even if I wasn’t ALL that youthful anymore. The Teenagers captured the spirit of, I suppose, a teenager. I guess I am a late bloomer.

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