Brussels is an ideal weekend getway, if you are coming from London or a simlilary close location via train. It has lovely architecture, a chilled out vibe, decent food and delicious beers. All of the beers.


Grand Place

At the heart of the city, this square has beautiful old architecture laced in gold. Yes, laced in actual gold and is a hub for shopping and eating. It is hard to miss.


Only a short train ride away, Ghent is an idyllic town, where you can sit by the canal, drink some Hooegarden Rose and watch the world go by.


Peck 47

This popular spot by the city centre has a delicious brunch. If there is a lineup, it generally is worth the wait.

Moeder Lambic

We stumbled across this place on a sunny afternoon. We stopped for beer and eats, and it was a perfectly lovely experience on their patio. The inside was equipped for what looked like a promising night out, with cool décor, and an impressive bar.

Madame Chapeau

We were looking for somewhere to experience authentic Belgian food in an outdoor location. This place delivered both. The traditional food was served with with a  modern flare, and they boast a sleek dining room as well as space on a square, which is ideal for drinking rosee into the night after you’ve enjoyed your meal. There are also a number of bars in the area if you want to keep going after.


Boys Boudoir

Surprise surprise, we went to a gay bar (this is a re-occuring theme in my travels) to find the best dace party in town. Although the DJ had not yet learned the art of mixing (it was a start/stop situation the whole night) it was a popular sport, with a roaring crowd, a pole dancer and a bartender who was always up for pouring shots directly into my mouth. Party!

Chez Maman

Although I did not go to this place, even my middle aged Air bnb host recommended it. It is an institution with drag shows every 30 minutes, and promises an entertaining night out.

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